Docker Recipies

Handy recipies when working with docker

The more you work with docker the more little tips and tricks you pick up on to make your life easier. These are some of the more useful things that I’ve learned along the way.

Visualizing a Docker Swarm Cluster

[Updated] 12⁄31 - Updated instructions to leverage the load balancer configuration that we added to the swarm cluster. Goal In a previous blog post I setup a docker swarm cluster. Now I want a way to visualize what the swarm cluster looks like. How many nodes I have and which containers are running. Also as I change the state of the swarm cluster through docker commands I’d like to visualize what is actually happening.

Three Node Docker Swarm with Ubuntu 17.04 on Azure

[Updated] 12⁄28 - Improved the setup so that we can use a load balancer in front of the swarm nodes as well as improve the availability of the swarm nodes Overview I’m learning docker swarm mode and need a realistic simulation of setting up a multi-node cluster. Azure is an ideal platform to test things out. My goal is to create a docker swarm cluster within a single region. Creating a multi-region swarm cluster requires creating virutal networks in different regions and connecting those vnets through a vpn gateway which is not something I’m ready to tackle just yet.