Setting up VSCode

This is how I configure VSCode for working on Vuejs front-ends and serverless back-ends

General Look & Feel

1. Improve the Icons

Install the vscode-icons extension

2. Auto save files after they are modified

Select File => Auto Save

2. Format files after they are saved

Select File => Preferences => Settings

Search for and select Editor: Format on Save

For VueJS Development

1. Get vuejs syntax highlighting

Install the Vetur extension

2. Auto close html tags

Install the Auto Close Tag extension

3. Add EditorConfig support

Install the EditorConfig extension

4. Add ES6 Syntax Highlighting

Install the Babel JavaScript extension

5. Add Sass Syntax Highlighting

Install the Sass extention

For Markdown

1. For linting Markdown syntax

Install the markdownlint extension

Published on November 2, 2018.

Tagged: vscode